Hello everyone,

I apologize for once again taking so long to post anything.  I will endeavor to correct this behavior.  I have been focused to a large extent on the fourth book in the series.  I started on a companion novel dealing with Jack’s past but have shelved that for the moment to continue on with the main story.  It would be very cruel and unsportsmanlike to leave the last book with that ending and not endeavor to continue on.

As always, this book seems to have taken a life of its own.  What was going to be a relatively short part has grown into half of the book.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not but it’s what it is.  I have no control over it apparently.  Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother with a story line at all.  The good news is that I am about half of the way through the draft/story having reached 42,000 words tonight.  That’s not too bad considering I was only at 17,000 at the beginning of the week.  I guess the good news would really be that I was finished so perhaps it’s only half good news.  Which, on second thought, would just make this news.

I have to say I’m a little perturbed at the Underworld movies stealing my title.  I had this book title planned for quite some time in the sequence of things and here I see my title displayed on the movie theaters.  I’ll have to see if I stick with the title A New World: Awakening.  I certainly don’t want to seem to be a copycat or riding a coat tail.  We’ll see.

Another bright note has been to see A New World: Return sit at #6 in Amazon’s top rated horror list (the kindle version) for a little while with A New World: Sanctuary climbing to #9 as of today.  Thank you so much for all of your great reviews.  I appreciate each and every one of them.  As I appreciate everyone who writes and lets me know they are enjoying the story and books.  Thank you!!!  I also want to send a thank you out to each and every reader.  You are absolutely the best.  There are so many great authors out there and I feel so privileged and humbled to see my name even remotely close to theirs.

I’m taking a few days off to rest my weary fingers and then I’ll be back at it with gusto.  I am hoping to finish the draft by the  end of the month – yeah, we’ll see about that one – and then that editing thing.  I am having a tremendous amount of fun writing this one, yes, I did the others as well, and hope it can match the others.

I hope everyone has a very pleasant day/evening and enjoy your weekend!


5 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely

  1. John,
    I hope all is well, I can’t wait for the next book, since completing the last one I constantly think about about how the third one left off and what is going to happen with Michelle and Robert and Gonzalez, thank you for writing charactors that come alive in the story enough so that you find yourself thinking of them as family, maybe one day will see this series become a movie or made for TV series I think it would be awesome. I find myself envisioning who would play the charactors on screen….ha ha shows how much time I spend thinking…….


    1. Hi Eric,

      Things are going very well thank you and I hope the same for you! I have to admit it would be nice to see the books in a series or movie. Who knows? So, who did you think of to play the characters? Just curious. I appreciate you taking your time to drop in and I’m glad you are enjoying the series so far. I am hoping the next one will be out within the month but that is a big hopeful. Also, if you don’t mind, would you mind leaving a review for each on Amazon. I would be forever grateful! Let me know who you envision for the characters. I hope your weekend was a great one and your week treats you well! Feel free to drop by and say hi anytime!


      1. Hi John,
        I actually purchased your books through ITunes, and left my reviews there. I also dig the choice is music on this web page. When I was rolling the thought around of who I would envision playing the lead charactors or should I say the people that came to mind when I started the series that just seemed to pop in my head as I started the story, I go back to the first book when Jack was getting his kids, he was just inside the house after breadking though the window and I kept picturing Sam Worthington Jack Sulley From Avatar (I actually had to look up his name) but for some reason it was his face I was seeing as Jack and so it just kind of stuck as I read through the series, I also figured any lead guy that was going to be Jack and embody what I think Jack is about, he is not just some former special ops guy or some cocky pilot, but a man with charactor and heart,who love his kids the way that parents do, he just happens to have that training in his back ground, The rest of the main charactors were a bit more of a challenge as I didnt have someone in mind right off the bat as I did with Jack, but for Lynn it would have to be someone that could portray strenghth, skill and toughness but still be femine at the same time so I guess my choice would be Evageline Lily from Lost, she showed some grit and toughness in that series and it helps she is easy on the eyes…..I’ll send more later.


  2. And who says writing isn’t a real job. You sound a little brain fried and with my little pea brain I know that can be exhausting. Of course I don’t have to exercise my brain as much as you do to reach that state.

    1. Not so much brain fried as I could continue on but my fingers are needing the rest. I’m not sure a smoking keyboard is a good thing either. Okay, I need a little break in order to keep the crispness rather than just mumble through it 🙂 I hope all is well with you Dan!

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