Well, as the title states, writing this fourth book is and has been an interesting ride.  Once again, the story has taken off on its own and I’m just along for the ride.  What was supposed to be just a small part of the beginning has now turned out to be over half of the book.  And that part isn’t finished as yet.  I’m guessing, and yes, I can only guess at this point, that it will encompass about a two-thirds of the book.  I am thinking about re-titling the book A New World: Taken.  Awakening will have to be the next one.

I apologize to those that were expecting the Awakening story – I know I was.  I’m hoping to have this current one finished and published close to the middle of March.  Hopefully earlier but who knows.  Not to worry though, the awakening story will be told.  Oh please let that be so.

I want to thank all everyone who has written.  Your kind words make my day.  As a side note, if anyone knows or reads this who has the Amazon username pineapple67, I have a question I would like to ask.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day and upcoming weekend!



6 thoughts on “An Interesting Ride

  1. Hi John,

    Be more than happy to do a review on each for Amazon. Frankly, that’s where I buy all my books, outside of Paladin Press. I’ll tell my buddies, Arik and Gus, about you, and ask them to get in touch with you. I’ll tell them of your works, and I’m sure that they’ll be interested too.

    Take care, my friend, and keep up the good work.

    Carter, out…

    1. Hey Carter,

      Thank you so much for the great reviews. I would be happy to hear from Arik and Gus and look forward to it. I hope you have had a great evening and talk soon!


  2. Can’t wait for the next book. I am a former C-130 Flight Engineer and was really pleased that you used a Herk as a means of transportation to the different parts of the world (many of the locations in your book I too have visited via C-130). My son and I joked about this because it’s exactly what we decided we would do should such an event ever happen. And Cabela’s would be our first choice as well. Looking forward to continuing the adventure with Jack. Thanks for an entertaining series of books.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Always nice to meet a fellow vet, especially an ex-130 crew member. I wouldn’t choose anything else as the aircraft is built so solidly and can go anywhere. Absolutely loved flying it. Well, not the long hops but it was nice to be able to walk around if needed. A dream to fly. I take it you are in the local area. If so and something like that ever come down, perhaps we’ll meet at Cabela’s 🙂 At any rate, I am glad you enjoyed the series so far and I appreciate you taking the time to say hi. Feel free to do so at any time. If you wouldn’t mind, and I would be forever grateful, would you leave a review for each book on Amazon. Again, don’t be a stranger and I hope your day is treating you well!


  3. Hi John,

    Great books. From an old Squid to a young Blue-Suit, Bravo Zulu, Sir. Most enjoyable. Read all three in the last 24 hours, and got some seriously good down time. Thank-you, Sir.

    As this is my first visit to your website, I’ve no idea as to what the plot lines are for books 4 & 5. That you’re going to finish and publish book 4 in the middle of March, pleases me no end. Having to wait for the publishing gods of paper or sound, can be, and usually is, a real drag…

    You’ve launched yourself into the same realm as S. M. Stirling- heady and a joy to die hard fans of speculative fiction. Your depth of character development is super, as is your dialog. The action scenes are dynamic, not in the least bit stale.

    So much PAW (Post Apocalyptic World) fiction is religion based, or done by those who have not “been there, done that,” that my teeth are perpetually on edge. Thanks for not catering to one specific audience… I think your formula, yes, formula- Robert A. Heinlein had one, and it was well used from the 1930’s until his death… I think you can develop into the same stature as Heinlein, Sir. All you need is time…

    Your characters search for other survivors, as well as utilizing the technology available, is most interesting… I would suggest that the use of some products, like PRI-D and PRI-G products from PRI Advanced Fuel Treatments would be good to slip in, as they are the world’s best for fuel storage…

    Likewise, have you planned to use folks like the Amish, for their pre- Twentieth Century technology? Perhaps your characters could “find” and recruit an herbalist, blacksmith, and even a guy like a couple of friends of mine, great guys, who make Real swords for collectors and aficionados? You know, “for when the bullets run out?” This last attributed to Angus “Gus” Trim. The other great is Arik Estus. Both are Vietnam combat veterans, and nobody makes better blades. Gus and Arik have had their blades in the hands of operators from Iraq and Afghanistan, to the Philippines. As your writing shows, you’ve a fine appreciation for the edged weapon, and how to use it…

    I don’t have the time, today, to dig further into your website, but hopefully before the weekend, I’ll be there…

    Again, Thanks, John.

    May you and yours always be well, safe, happy, and forever, free…

    Carter F. Leffen, out…

    1. Hi Carter,

      I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the books so far. It truly makes my day knowing they are being enjoyed! I also appreciate your kind words and thank you for them. I have to say that’s awfully good company you include me with and humbled to even be mentioned in the same sentence as such. I would also very appreciative if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon for each of them. I would like to see the blades your friends make as I am a fan of edged weapons. More so than things that go bang although I am a fan of those as well. Feel free to drop by anytime to chat. Also, my email is john at anewworldseries dot com if you every feel like saying hi there. I hope you have an awesome day!


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