The end is arriving

The largest recorded solar storm is on a collision course, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

This story evolved from thinking on how our current civilization is so reliant on electrical power.  It’s in everything we do and use.  That brought about what would happen if we lost every aspect of it.  Would we be able to survive?  Well, that led to other aspects and what if it happened at just the wrong moment.  One thing led to another and this tale was born, ever riding the currents in my head.  I thought of the quantum world and the physical one colliding – our soul residing in the quantum and our bodies in the physical.  I laid awake many nights staring at the ceiling and contemplating this tale, the story eventually growing so large that it had to be written.  Thus, I began to sit down and peck away at the keys, putting it aside for a while as it didn’t flow.  But, it didn’t leave my mind and I pulled it back up and found I couldn’t leave the keyboard.

I hope you enjoy the lives of Sam, Sergeant Reynolds, and Commander Lawrence as they wade through the debris of the downfall and dangers that those left behind create.  Feel free to leave a review and let me know what you think.

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And I heard a voice of thunder, “Come!”

Humanity is plunging down a slippery slope of morality. Righteous attitudes abound with malice, hatred, and discontent prevailing in the currents riding through humankind. In the spiritual planes, battles between the light and darkness are being fought over souls and for their very existence.

Assailed on all sides, heaven is left with no choice but to open the seven seals. The horsemen are summoned and ride forth. Conquest, the drums of war, hunger, and death are felt by all. Humanity is left standing on the brink where the slightest tremor will send it plunging into the abyss.

Will humankind survive the tribulation placed upon them? Or will they vanish into oblivion?

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