The date for the second book in the series, A New World is set for 23 September, 2011.  A New World: Return will be available on this date in eBook format for Amazon and Smashwords with the book becoming available at Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Diesel, and Kobe in the following weeks as it propagates out to them.

The first book, A New World: Chaos will continue to be on sale for $2.99 through the rest of September.  I want to thank everyone for the great reviews and for supporting my Indie endeavor.  The sales for the first book have exceeded any expectations I have had and it is truly my hope that everyone who has read it enjoyed it.

I am really enjoying writing this series and it makes me happy to think that you are enjoying the book.  I hope that you enjoy the second book as much.  Off to finish the editing and I wish everyone a great Friday!


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