First, Happy Monday to everyone!

The book sales on the first book, A New World: Chaos have skyrocketed in the past two weeks.  I would like to thank everyone for supporting my endeavor.  I have completed the second book, A New World: Return.  I have the book back from the editor and am now going through those edits.  I may have to change the publication date for this book for several reasons.  One is that JL Bourne is releasing his third book on September 27th and I don’t want to step on his opening.  Another is that I may not be able to make the edits in time to get the book out before his release thereby pushing the publication date out to October.   The learning experience from publishing the first book makes me want to put out a finely-tuned, edited edition the first time.  I found several mistakes in the first book and had to republish that one.

Now, for the great news and one other reason the second book may be pushed back.  I have been contacted by Permuted Press and offered a publishing deal for the first three books in A New World.  I don’t know what this means for the current publication nor for the second book’s publication date as yet.  I don’t know whether to take the deal or not as yet as I do like retaining the rights for my babies – yes, that is how I think of them.

If anyone has any opinions or experiences with the Indie versus traditional publishing, I would certainly enjoy hearing from you.  I am stuck on the royalty, book momentum, and rights aspects.  Overall though, I am ecstatic over the deal and feel very privileged to be contacted and offered a deal.  It makes me feel good about the book and that the readers are enjoying it.

I wish everyone a great day!


9 thoughts on “Fantastic News!

  1. No problem. Review Done. I’ll probably drop you a line when I’ve read the second book. I don’t want to keep you from your writing so I’ll shut up now 😉

    1. No worries at all Andy. I am actually taking a short break. Have to rest the mind sometimes. Feel free to drop a line anytime. Thanks again for the review.

  2. Hey John, sure I’ll leave a review on Amazon. 🙂
    If you need a proof reader for the third book, let me know!!!

    1. I could always use another proof reader. I’ll definitely let you know when I finish the third one. And thank you for the leaving a review. I have your email but let me know if it changes.

  3. Hello John,
    Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your first book “Chaos”
    I liked the fact that your military expertise came through in the book in a real technical, but not too overtly, way.

    I also liked the zombie but vampire kind of twist 🙂

    I intend to purchase the next one tonight and see if I can drag the reading time out on that one to match the release of the third in the series!
    Thanks again for your work – keep it up!

    1. Andy, thank you very much for the kind words and message. I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Hopefully you find the second one equally enjoyable as well. I’m about a a fourth of the way through writing the third. I’m not sure if I can get the first draft finished by the end of the month but I’m going to try. Again, thank you very much and I hope you have a great evening! Oh, I’m not sure if you picked the first one up on Amazon or not, but, if you wouldn’t mind, could you drop by there and leave a review. That would be most appreciated!

  4. Just saw this! Permuted is a fantastic publisher. Email me! I can hopefully help you with any questions / comments you’ve got regarding my (current) experiences with Permuted, maybe help you with some of the stickier things that you may be back and forth on. 🙂 jessica dot meigs at gmail dot com. 😀

  5. I was just on the phone today with a writer who is very close to having her book published. It has been edited and illustrated and is on the way to the printer now. It has taken her a year of back and forth with the publisher to get to this point.

    The good is that they take care of everything. Editing, publicity and so on. The bad news was the time it took and the arguments that ensued over the year.

    Questions: (To ask yourself)
    What is the profit margin you receive if the publish to print and you publishing to print using print on demand services?

    How much control will you lose over you book?

    Of course I don’t want to wait a year till it’s finally out in print. LOL

    1. Thank you Dan for the information. I am taking the time to weigh all of the considerations you mentioned. I will be publishing the second book here in about a week and should be making an announcement today or tomorrow. I hope you are having a great day!

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