Well, Jack is back. Ever since picking up A Shrouded World and writing the third novel in that series, he’s been clamoring in my head. And, honestly, I miss writing him. Jack has more tales to be told, and Red Team is along with him. The Shrouded World series has opened the avenue for those stories to be told. As much as I enjoyed the characters of Sergeants Brown Jennings and Emily in ARES Virus, Sam and Erin and the others in Eidolon, Jack just resides deep within me. He’s a part of me, my brother, my uncle, my twin. He’s Jack and I’m able to connect with him, to know and understand him.

Now, with that said, it’s not easy to start a completely new world. Red Team is also back, but in a different light. They don’t share the warmth of close bonds as they’re meeting for the first time. Their relationships cannot be contrived, but slowly developed and nurtured over time. The bonds and trust have to be fashioned. So, don’t expect a plunge back into the middle of A New World. Jack and Lynn are also meeting for the first time, so what they had in the other series isn’t to be found in these initial pages. All of these relationships will develop as they walk along the razor’s edge of the world. And, as such, Robert, Nicole, and Brianna aren’t suddenly thrust into the sudden demise of the world, along with the turmoils and dangers the end brings. This won’t be a repeat of A New World – this will be a new tale.

The rough draft of the first book, Red Team: Strigoi, has been completed and is undergoing the first round of edits. I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoy writing about Jack. He’s ingrained into my psyche and we know each other. I know his thoughts and he relates to mine. There is no character to develop as with the others, he’s just there. So, as such, when the book is out, I ask that you go into it with an open mind and not one with the idea of Red Team that was in the other series.