The state of things

It’s been a busy time of late and I’m excited for the upcoming books.  A Shrouded World: Convergence, the third book in the series with Mark Tufo, is going through its final read through on both our parts and should be finished soon.  From there, it will go into audio production and be released in all versions sometime in September.  I’ve enjoyed writing on these books and we’re wanting to keep the series alive in some fashion.

Red Team: Strigoi is now at the editor where it will undergo a month-long transition into something readable.  The book should be back in my hands toward the end of the month where it will go through a final reading before slapping that publish button.  With this one, I’m going to create a pre-order which seems to be all the rave.  That will happen is September.  I really like this book, which should send shivers of doubt coursing down my back.  With each book so far, I’ve been worried, but with this one, I like how it turned out.  So, that is worrying me.

I’ve finally started turning the other titles into audio books.  ARES Virus: Arctic Storm is approximately 75% finished with the recording and mastering, so I anticipate the full book uploaded to Audible here very soon.  I’ll listen to it and then audible has to go through their testing.  I’m guessing that it will be available by the end of the month.  Once that has been completed, I’ll continue with the others in the series and then tackle The Third Wave: Eidolon.

So, there should be a few new titles and editions soon.  I want to thank you for all of your support as I’ve slowly crept back into the writing world.  If you’ve read through any of the latest releases and enjoyed them, would you mind heading over and dropping off a review for each one.  I’d greatly appreciate it and hope your week is treating you well.


Red Team Series

Well, Jack is back. Ever since picking up A Shrouded World and writing the third novel in that series, he’s been clamoring in my head. And, honestly, I miss writing him. Jack has more tales to be told, and Red Team is along with him. The Shrouded World series has opened the avenue for those stories to be told. As much as I enjoyed the characters of Sergeants Brown Jennings and Emily in ARES Virus, Sam and Erin and the others in Eidolon, Jack just resides deep within me. He’s a part of me, my brother, my uncle, my twin. He’s Jack and I’m able to connect with him, to know and understand him.

Now, with that said, it’s not easy to start a completely new world. Red Team is also back, but in a different light. They don’t share the warmth of close bonds as they’re meeting for the first time. Their relationships cannot be contrived, but slowly developed and nurtured over time. The bonds and trust have to be fashioned. So, don’t expect a plunge back into the middle of A New World. Jack and Lynn are also meeting for the first time, so what they had in the other series isn’t to be found in these initial pages. All of these relationships will develop as they walk along the razor’s edge of the world. And, as such, Robert, Nicole, and Brianna aren’t suddenly thrust into the sudden demise of the world, along with the turmoils and dangers the end brings. This won’t be a repeat of A New World – this will be a new tale.

The rough draft of the first book, Red Team: Strigoi, has been completed and is undergoing the first round of edits. I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoy writing about Jack. He’s ingrained into my psyche and we know each other. I know his thoughts and he relates to mine. There is no character to develop as with the others, he’s just there. So, as such, when the book is out, I ask that you go into it with an open mind and not one with the idea of Red Team that was in the other series.


Time for Another Update

Well, Mark Tufo sent his part from the third book in the Shrouded World series back and I’ve been working on the final touches of the story this past week.  I absolutely enjoy writing in this world as there are few limits and our writing styles, although different, just mesh well together. I sent my copy back to Mark today for his final read through.  It will then be sent to me for my final read through and the editing phase will begin.  That will take about a month or so and the cover is being designed.  So, by all expectations, this should be ready for the electronic shelves by the end of July.

This has been an exceptional ride and I want to thank everyone for their support.  Mike, Trip and Jack were pulled into this strange world overwhelmed by creatures of all varieties.  While battling for their existence, they attempted to figure out how they could return to their home worlds and family.  Around every corner was a new obstacle and information fleeting about what transpired.  Things went south so quickly, no one sat down to write notes.  They had to figure things out as they went along, and still tromped across the landscape mostly clueless.  The third book, A Shrouded World: Convergence, works its way to a conclusion…kind of.  I won’t say anymore, but let you find out for yourselves.

So, while waiting for a final read through and while it’s then sent to the editors, I’ll be diving back into another world with Jack.  At the moment, I’m a little over 52k words into that story and have absolutely no idea where it’s going to go.  I have a long scene which I’ll be doing, but then, well, I suppose Jack will tell me what’s going to happen.  I’m kind of eager and worried about what that might be.   Now, you all know Red Team and Lynn from A New World, and they’re back in this one, but there are a few differences.  Jack is now a Somalian pirate with a kangaroo side kick….wait, wrong story.  The first book is Red Team coming together, so there isn’t the comraderie built up like in the series…just yet.  Oh, and Greg is there as part of Red Team, sooo, there’s that fun to look forward to.  There are several larger story arcs that will be a part of this series of books which will each culminate in their own way.

That’s about it for now.  I know there are some who are now saying, but what about book 11 in A New World.  I haven’t forgotten, and I will get back to that here soon.  But, these stories need to be told first so that my head isn’t crammed with all of this dialogue from characters shouting to be heard.  I want to also thank everyone for their support with the ARES Virus series and The Third Wave: Eidolon.  I’m more than thrilled with the responses from Eidolon.  It was a different kind of story that had me a bit worried, so I’m happy that it’s enjoyed so much.  If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to leave a review for each of the books, I’d be so grateful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!