Well, the next book has started the lovely editing process.  This one is a standalone book with a new set of creatures and adventure.  And, as with all of the others I’ve written, the story went a complete different direction than I originally intended.  No surprise there.  I wanted to create this world and story similar to the book and movie, The Road, but damn if the tale didn’t have ideas of its own.  I mean, after all, it is the story and therefore in control of what occurs.  I haven’t decided on a title for this one as yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I settle on one.  As of yet, I’m contemplating, The Third Wave: Eidolon.

This was an interesting book to write and I struggled with it throughout the writing.  We fought, we argued, we had discussions that left us panting and bleeding on the floor.  As I was drawing to an end, the story wanted an inclusion of an additional character I had been toying with.  Then, there was to be this struggle of light and dark that would go on for at least another book.  I, however, didn’t want that as I felt it would become too similar to The Stand.  I didn’t want the book to turn in that direction so, for one of the first times, I forced my wish into the story and turned it back to somewhat its original course.  Sitting here now with it in editing, I admit it would have been a fun story to go along with.  On the other hand, there was this nagging in my head that just didn’t feel right.  It could also have been a tumor growing, who knows.  Having finished the rough draft and written it the way I did, I’m fairly satisfied with how it came out.  Now, having said that, I’m never satisfied of any book and personally worry over each one, this one included.

With a lot of the books and series, I didn’t have an ending worked out until past the halfway point, then one slowly emerged.  I just sat and typed the story, at times wondering where it was going.  With this one, I had so many endings that I wasn’t sure how to proceed and spent many sleepless nights working through it.  All of a sudden, after one of our many bouts, the ending arrived with the singing of angels, trumpets, and an infusion of white light.  Or, perhaps that was just me coming back to consciousness.  Whatever.

One of the compromises reached during the story and my “conversations” was that the story would be extended, but not become a series.  In that light, the book in editing is a little longer than my usual ones, which means that the editing will take longer.  There’s more blood to bleed out.  I’m not sure when it will be ready to publish, but I’m guessing perhaps a month or so.  So, what’s next?  I currently have the third book of A Shrouded World with the first paragraph and some notes written, so that is in the works.  I’m also contemplating a short story that has been running through my head for some time that I may work on while Mark works on his end.  I know there have been a few calls for an 11th book in A New World, but I want to clear these other stories out before tackling that.

Oh, and here’s a teaser for you.  I have been wanting to bring Jack back in a new series…actually, more of a serial.  And, perhaps with Red Team.  I have to line up a few stories first, but the overall direction is taking shape.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  Stay safe.