It’s alive, I tell you…It’s alive.  Okay, and that’s what a lack of caffeine does.  I hit the publish button yesterday afternoon and it was ready almost before I could turn around.  This was an interesting series to write. At times it flowed and felt like I could finish the books in a day, and at others, I was creating dents in my forehead from the keyboard.  It started off as a short story in an anthology with a bunch of great writers, and after that was published, the tale wouldn’t leave my head and blossomed.  I had to sit down and finish it.  Along the way, the emphasis of the story changed, becoming story-concentric as opposed to character-based.  This made so many moving parts that I was on the edge of becoming lost.  I had calendars, time lines, flow charts with arrows pointing everywhere, star charts, and a magic 8-ball.  If I altered one little thing, the ramifications were huge and I spend entire days tracking down everywhere something was mentioned with small changes.  I really hope that I caught all of them.

So, this is the final book in the ARES Virus trilogy…yes, I was able to keep it to three.  Overall, it was a joy to write, although I did bitch about it often.  Emily is just awesome.  I feel that I could have devoted an entire book to her.  I hope that you enjoy this final installment and I appreciate all of your support.  Next up is a stand-alone book I’m almost four-fifths of the way through.  I love the creatures in this one.  Once I figure out a couple of transitions, it will be sent off to the editor.  And then, I’ll probably start on the third Shrouded World book with Mark Tufo.  No, I haven’t forgotten the 11th book in A New World.  I will eventually get to it once I clear these other stories out of my head.

I hope this year is treating you well so far and is a prosperous one!