Well, with the three books of ARES Virus completed and my next book The Third Wave: Eidolon at the editor, I had to decide on which direction to go with regards to writing.  I heard whispers of Jack’s voice in my ear, so I began the third episode of his journey through A Shrouded World.  I’m nearing a quarter of the way finished and about ready to turn it over for Talbot’s turn to tell a part.  I have to admit that it’s nice talking with Jack again…I definitely missed him and hear the occasional whisper of Red Team from time to time.

While Mike and Trip are telling their stories, I may start on a short story that’s been threading its way through my head.  I’m not sure what I’ll begin working on once A Shrouded World and the short story are finished.  I may begin a new series with Jack and possibly Red Team or finally begin the 11th book of A New World.  Or, something new may pop up.

I expect The Third Wave: Eidolon to be ready in about a month to five weeks and am hoping to have A Shrouded World ready for the editor by then as well.  I know a few have been patiently waiting for the audio books of ARES Virus to be completed.  I apologize for the length of time that it has taken and hope to get it started soon.

I hope everyone’s week treats them well.