Had a great day of writing.  It was hard to stay attached to the keyboard as the warm, sunny day was calling.  On the other hand, it was great to be back on the keyboard.  Jack and group has been calling and weighing on my mind.  Finally reached the point where they are ready to begin their journey once again.  It was a surprise to reach that point as it kind of arrived before I knew it.  I am thinking I am rather a spectator watching the story unfold.  Surprised by some twists that occur.  I’m not sure I am actually writing the story – ha ha.

I am eager to push on with the story.  It seems there is a bit of character development in this book which will then carry over to the next few books which will then allow me to be more action based.  But, now, with a lot of that development completed, the action can now continue within this one as well.  I am hoping to push on with this story and finish the story and editing by the end of the month with the additional hope of having it out sometime in September.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  I have the story outlined and such but the story seems to take off once I get into the flow and some aspects develop seemingly on their own.  I hope you enjoy reading through the day to day aspects, well, sometimes day to day.  Feel free to subscribe if you want to follow along.

Well, Jack and the horde awaits my attention.  Enjoy your day!