I have been taking a break from pounding away at the keyboard lately for a few reasons.  One is that the sun has come out and, if you have ever been in the Northwest, you know that is must be taken advantage of.  The sun has a filling effect within and, with the top down on the Jeep, it is hard to stay away from.  Plus, my son has been over quite a bit and I am enjoying time spent with him as he is headed off to college soon.  Happiness and sadness with that.

Additionally and the biggest aspect was one of a creativity block.  The book and writing have been weighing on me to get to and to finish.  I was taking the approach of trying to write it from a mental point of view from the outside rather than living it.  I realized this late last night that I have not been living in it and trying to force it.  This caused very straight forward, linear writing, the result of which I was not very happy with.  The writing yesterday caused a twist in the story which I am not to happy with but may keep anyway and weave it in.  Realizing where I was coming from caused the block to vanish and I am now eager to get back into the story.  That is the place I was in writing the first book and it just flowed.

Well, the sun is out again and I’m going to go play for a little bit and then sit back somewhere, possible with the sun beating down on me, and go on with the story.  I hope everyone enjoys their day and it treats them well!