Well, the book seems to be flowing along.  Whatever block was there isn’t and it’s a great feeling.  My goal was to hit a third of the way through yesterday – 33,000 words.  I feel a little short hitting 31,000 but was having some trouble with my eye.  But, today is another day and we’ll see where we get to.  I’m still shooting for the end of the month to have the rough draft complete.  In other words, story complete.  but, there is so much for Jack and group to do before landing at the end of this book.

I have been formulated the third one in my mind already and ready to get started on that one as well, but, need to get this one out.  Other stories are popping up in my mind, so, notes are being taken and I will get to them.  I don’t know how many books will be in this series as yet.  I know at last four but that may go into a fifth.  It’s one of those that can go on for as long as I want or even fold into series.

Okay, the sun is coming out so time to type before the temptation to play gets stronger.  Enjoy your day!