Well, after a long break, I have begun the next book in the series.  I actually began a few days ago and am about 7,000 words into it.  The usual flow of 5k to 8k a day hasn’t materialized as yet but that will come.  Most of the last few days have been spent with the plot line and the direction I want this book to flow in.  The reason for the long delay in writing has been due to the fact that I didn’t really know how to begin this book with the way the last book, A New World: Taken, ended.  I wracked my limited brain cell space to come up with a way to head back into the plot line, meaning back to a semblance of normalcy and furthering of the plot, with the last ending.  I felt I wrote myself into a corner and found myself saying, “now what.”  But happily the keyboard is in use once again.

I have to say that the gorgeous weather and sunny days have been calling as well.  I ventured out with my laptop in hand the other day to soak in the scarce rays and write.  I have to admit it was hard to stay focused and not just take a nap in the warmth.  I eventually picked myself up and found a little more focus.  It’s hard being inside now with the sun and warmth out again today but the story is starting calling louder than the sun at this moment in time.  Hopefully this means that the usual flow will follow.  Tomorrow, however, is another day.  🙂

The fact that the last book encompassed a story that was only supposed to be part of that book has thrown me off a little on each envisioned book story line so I’ve had to pick up the pieces and reformulate each subsequent book.  I think I have accomplished that and am actually pretty happy with what I’ve come up with.  I hope that transpires to the book though.  I feel a lot of it is filler getting to the next twist in the story.  I told my son and mother that on separate occasions and they both laughed saying I’ve said that with each book.  Here’s hoping they’re correct with this one.

I want to wish every mom out there a very Happy Mother’s Day and hope everyone is having a fantastically fun weekend!

10 thoughts on “It Has Started Again!

  1. hi,john, i just wanted to tell you how much i am growing to enjoy your books. i have been a zombie afficiondo for awhile, but i do like the way you write yours, not too over the top, yet believable. i keep finding all these new (or to me at least) authors thru my kindle, and i have some hopes of writing my own books, yet when i read some of the ebook authors, i really feel totally inadequate to writing anything equal. anyway, we all need encouragement at times, and keep up your writing, it is getting better and better. have a great day!! kay

    1. Hi Kay,

      It’s nice to meet you. You shouldn’t feel inadequate in the least. You should write the story in your head as I’m sure it’s a great one. I know I’d enjoy reading it. I do have to tell you I felt the same way but just had to get the story out regardless of how it was received. I’m thinking you should as well. I appreciate your taking the time to write and thank you for your wonderful comments. Feel free to write anytime or send me a friend request on Facebook – johnwbobrien. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again!


  2. Hi John!
    I have all of this series and have written reviews. I really enjoyed all of them. I find myself checking every time I get on the computer to see if the new one is out yet, lol. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
    I love reading about the worlds that writers can create with just words. I find myself trying to imagine my family in that situation and fail. If a writer can draw you in to where you immerse yourself into that story and feel like you are there, then I consider that book a success. You have done that with this series. Isn’t that what it is all about?
    I am trying to get my daughter hooked now. 🙂 She and I read a lot! I read rather fast at 500 wpm so I like series of books the best.
    Just wanted to touch base with you and encourage you to keep writing, PLEASE, lol.
    Good Luck John O’Brien God Bless You And Yours Always!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      It’s nice to meet you. Thank you so much for writing and for the wonderful reviews. I truly appreciate both. I glad you are enjoying the series so far and hopefully I won’t have you waiting too long for the next book. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the draft and hope to have it out shortly – the end of the month or shortly thereafter. If you daughter does read them, I hope she enjoys them as well. I hope you have a fun and prosperous week!


  3. John,

    i just finished reading the forth book of you series, and i have to say….WOW!!!- i am a extreme zombie fan to say the least, i am currently in the Air Force myself so i appreciate the accuracy in the military mentality and the way we conduct ourselves…i had a great laugh when Jack tells the Major a thing or two, and then gets majority vote…but back to the night runners (zombies)- i have dreamed myself about the way a zombie apocalypse would play out and i have to say that this is pretty spot on with the way i envisioned them- not really a dead coming back to life but a mutated human. i also like that fact the you don’t slow the book down by adding to much detail or try to give us everything about a character as soon as they are introduced, you let that character build and allow us to form our own opinions of them, this is great. the only thing that bothered me was the fact that when Jack was reading the files from the CDC he read that UV lights affected the night runners but he has not thought about using them for the sanctuary or using them for breaching buildings- that just my thoughts…but all in all great series, i read all 4 books last week, i couldn’t put them down. can’t wait till the next one, thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi there J,

      First of all let me say it’s a pleasure meeting another vet and Air Force one at that. Thank you so much for your service! I’m very glad to hear you have enjoyed the story so far. I have given some consideration to the UV light aspect but haven’t introduced it as yet – one, because they just don’t penetrate very far in a small, usable form. Tanning beds would be great for defensive purposes at building entrances and such and I will perhaps bring that into play down the road. Thank you for bringing that aspect up; for sharing your thoughts and ideas. If you get the chance and wouldn’t mind putting a review up for each, I would be forever grateful. Also feel free to send a friend request along on Facebook. I should hopefully have the next one out close to the end of the month – that’s a hopefully. I hope you have an awesome day as well! Thanks again!


  4. Hey John,
    I just finished all four in the series and I’m really glad to hear you’re working on the 5th. I love the plot, character development, suspense, and above all the subject matter – how to survive when the shit hits the fan. I live and work in Olympia and it’s been awesome to be familiar with the setting. Anyway, thanks so much for your awesome writing!

    1. Hey there Noah,

      Very thrilled you enjoyed the books and thanks for writing to say so. My day is absolutely made! That’s pretty cool you are in the Oly area. We’ve probably bumped into each other at some point and never known it. I’m a little outside of Shelton but get into Oly quite a bit. I would be so grateful if you could leave a review for each book on Amazon. I hate asking and it embarrasses me every time. It’s not quite standing on the street corner but it’s not far from it either. Feel free to send a request on FB as well and message anytime. JohnWBObrien I hope you have a fun Friday and your holiday weekend is a great one!


  5. I love your books! I like the way you write and I have to admit, the first book, took me a bit to get into but when yoou get to the part about how it all began, I was hooked and bought the rest of the books at one time! I’m an African American woman who usually reads books of the Terri McMillan genre but ever since I got my Kindle and got a free copy of the Yesterday’s Gone Series, I’ve been hooked, reading post-apoc type stories and I have to say, so far you have been my favorite author. I can’t wait until Awakenings comes out! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi Ana,

      I’m so glad you found the books and enjoyed them. Yes, the first one does start off a little slow but thank you for hanging in there. I am quite humbled being anyone’s favorite and I thank you for your kind words. I’ll type faster on the fifth so you won’t have to wait too long – hopefully. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon for each book, I would be eternally grateful and appreciative. Feel free to send a request on Facebook if you have an account there. Also, drop in anytime and message. I hope you had a fun weekend and that your week is a terrifically fun one for you! Thanks again Ana!


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