The fourth book, A New World: Taken is finally out – well, it was published last Friday but it’s been a hectic schedule updating everything.  I would really like to thank everyone who has messaged and/or written reviews.  I have to admit I was a little worried about this book seeing most of it focused on a single event.  The worry was whether it was too detailed and therefore tedious.  I am more than happy to see it well-received so far.  Thank you!!!

I’ll be starting on the next book most likely next Monday.  I have to compile my notes and sort through them seeing some of them were supposed to be in this book.  I do have some great ideas on the story line on have to see how to organize them and how to integrate them into the story.  At this point, I am envisioning anywhere from four to six more books to tell the story although that could change at any point in time.  I’ll just have to see where the story wants to take me.

Again, I appreciate all of the great reviews and feel humbled by the kind words.  I hope the evening and week are treating everyone well!


6 thoughts on “6 Days Later

  1. Just found your books last week and read them all. Great books. My one question is if you have machine guns and are facing human wave attacks why don’t you ever use some of that belt fed goodness?

    1. Hi John,

      I’m glad you came across them and also glad to hear you enjoyed them. Yeah, the ‘ol M240’s. I would definitely be using those if the attacks were across open ground but they are a bit cumbersome in close quarters and inside buildings. There will be a liberal use of other types of firearms in the books to come. I thank you for writing and hope you find the rest of the books in the series as enjoyable to read as the first ones. I’ll hopefully have the fifth one out soon. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon for each book, I would greatly appreciate it. Drop in anytime or look for me on FB. I hope you have a great day and thanks again John!


  2. I am a very enthusiastic and fast reader. I found your first three books, bought them and went through them in record time (even for me!). When the fourth book came out, I was thrilled, and I’m really looking forward to the next books in the series. The humor in the books (Captain Crash and crew…) and the way the books flow along make them fun and exciting to read. I love these books!!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Tara,

      Thank you so much for writing! I’m thrilled that the books were enjoyable. My day is always made knowing the story and writing are being enjoyed. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon for each one, I would be forever in your debt! Feel free to drop in anytime and I welcome it anytime you do. Also feel free to throw a friend request up on Facebook if you’d like. I hope your day and week are amazing ones!


  3. John, just a quick word to say Thank You for this great series. I’m a recent convert and a voracious reader (I discovered and read your first four books between Sat 31st and Tuesday 3rd. Was extremely glad to have bumped into your latest on the Kindle store. I have over 4000 Titles at home (2000 in The SciFi genre and nearly 200 in the ‘disaster’ theme) so, feel comfortable in saying that I have a fair grasp on what makes a good read.
    Your books have it! A good pace, little repetition & good character development for the principals; the four novels fairly bounced along. I like the ending of the 4th on a purely personal level as I’ve often thought about how authors miss that aspect – it also provides a neat plot line for emerging character & scenario development. So, pace of a Jack Campbell novel (with less repetition!) and the depth of a John Birmingham novel; I am already desperately waiting for book V!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Oh, by the way, can you write faster please
    Marc Davies. Ascot, England.

    1. Hi Marc,

      I really appreciate you writing and am humbled by your kind words. And to be put in the same paragraph with great authors, well, I am even more humbled now. Thank you so much and I am so glad you are enjoying the books. I’ll be starting up on the next this week sometime and hopefully have it out soon. Feel free to drop in anytime or send a request if you happen to have Facebook. I hope you have a terrific day and week!


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