I was asked by Armand Rosamilia, a fantastic author is the horror/zombie genre, to join in an event he and Mark Tufo came up with.  I thought it was a fantastic idea and was only too happy, and humbled I might add to be a part.  I do have to give thanks to Mark for suggesting me – again humbling.  There are a total of six authors that will be a part of this event – Ian Woodhead, Dave Jeffery, Mark Tufo, TW Brown, Armand Rosamilia, and myself.

The idea is to be on a different blog page answering questions, doing interviews and guest blogs, and giving away free goodies through the months of June and July.  There is an event on Facebook that will be updated as to where the appearances will be.  I’ve heard talk of some sort of gladiator battles but that is only hearsay.  You might have to talk with Armand about that one 🙂

At any rate, I am hoping to you there.  The event page on Facebook is:
or you can click on the  event poster and it should take you there.  I do hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Keep tuned for a grand zombie summer!

2 thoughts on “Summer of Zombie Blog Tour

  1. Its a Hot Muggy Summer, but I am NOT complaining (audibly)
    I am loving the Amc The Walking Dead marathon. Just finished the #16 Graphic novel. Waiting for August 17 with baited breath for Paranorman at theatres. Now I have tracked ZOMBIE authors to their lairs, yeah I am keeping busy:)

    1. Hi Daphne,

      Sounds like you are keeping busy. And thanks for dropping by. Feel free to drop a note anytime or send a request on Facebook. I hope you are having a great evening!


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