Good afternoon everyone,

I figured it was time to give an update.  Dissension was released last month and I want to thank everyone for the great response.  I truly enjoy the great posts, messages, and reviews.  If you happen have read it and enjoyed it, I would definitely appreciate it if you could head over and leave a review.  And if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review for each of the books, that would be awesome.  Reviews are helpful for all authors for a variety of reasons:  Yes, they help sales, they give the author feedback so they know how it is being received – that only helps improve the writing and story line – and they give readers a perspective to help them decide.

Mark Tufo and I have started on our collaboration effort in getting Mike Talbot and Jack Walker together.  Mark is a great guy and the story is a blast to write.  I hope you enjoy the final product.  Mark has been gracious enough to host me and I’ll be heading there this weekend so we can further the story.  I’m sure there might be a beverage or two consumed, which will only enhance to story… haha.  I’m not sure of the time line for the publication of “A Shrouded World” but I’m thinking sometime toward the end of February.

I’ve started a forum on the web site –  Feel free to drop by and comment or start your own topic.  I’ve put up a few discussion topics which include survival prep and planning, a place to write fan fiction, and, of course, discussions about the books.  Swing by when you get a chance and put in your two cents.  Well, that’s how much my thoughts are going for – I’m sure yours are worth a lot more.

That’s about it.  I’ll be starting on the seventh book following the publication of “A Shrouded World” and tentatively naming it “A New World: Rampage”.  I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend!