That’s at least what I’m calling the seventh book at this stage.  That may change as the story progresses.  However, I’m happy to say that I have started on the 7th book and just passed the 20,000 word mark.  That’s almost about a quarter of the way through as most of the books are between 90,000 and 100,000 words.  As far as a schedule for finishing?  Yeah, good question.  I have a few irons in the fire right now so the writing is not my usual daily average.  However, that may pick up soon.  I am hoping to finish, or be close to being finished, toward the end of March.  We’ll see how that schedule pans out.

Mark Tufo and I have also started on our collaboration and I’m happy to say we are a fair ways into it.  It’s a lot of fun to write and if you haven’t read his Zombie Fallout series, you should.

Other little tid bits.  I’m working on getting the series out on audiobooks.  I have a publisher and narrator ready.  I’m wanting them more to be acted out so that is taking it a little longer.  Hopefully though, you should see that coming out within the next four months or so.  There are a lot of other things happening with the books which I’ll share at a later point when those parts are a little farther along the path.  It’s pretty cool though.

At any rate, I just wanted to share that the seventh is started so you hopefully won’t have to wait too long to read about the fine memorial services… wait, was that a spoiler?  hehe… jk… maybe.  As always, thank you so much for the wonderful reviews and messages.  You continue to humble me with your support. We are just a few weeks into the new year but I hope that it has been treating each and every one of you well!



2 thoughts on “A New World: Rampage

  1. I received a kindle for Christmas and discovered your New World series . Absolutely riveting from start to finish . I read one straight after the other and could not get enough of them. Now I have just read you are writing the next New World book I am like a child waiting for Christmas . Not only that excitement but to read you are in collaboration with Mark Tofu !! Too much excitement for me . Well done on a fantastic series.

    1. Hi Deirdre,

      Thank you so much! Your kind words are humbling. I have just finished the draft of the seventh one, A New World: Rampage, and should hopefully have it out toward the end of the month. If you’d like, send me a Facebook friend request at JohnWBOBrien and write anytime. I hope your weekend is an amazingly fun one – mine will be spend editing… Yay! Read facetious.


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