I have been feeling the itch to put words on paper with the next book in the series; tentatively named A New World: Sanctuary.  The story runs through my mind, shifting and turning about.  I am sitting here enjoying a fresh Hef, to be complete with Nachos here shortly, and hashing through the plot line as we speak.  Or as I write this.  The plot line is mostly complete but the events have to be set in order.  Of course, as with the other books, they tend to write themselves once I get started and I am only the conduit through which they tell themselves.

Earlier, under the effects of a quad shot, I hashed out a bit of the series overall.  I have to tell you that, without really looking in detail at each book, that the overall story may take 9 or 10 books to tell.  Of course, that was the caffeine coursing through.  I am excited to continue with this next book and the ones to follow.  I will be deeply immersed in the next book by this weekend having put the plot line together.  That plot line is subject to change with the first word on the screen.

Okay, nachos are here.  Time to put the pad and keyboard down.  First though, I want to thank all of the readers so much!  You have been wonderful with your comments and support.  I wish everyone a happy Wednesday evening!