Happy Monday everyone!  I hope the weekend went well and the injuries have healed 🙂  I want to take a little different track today and talk about dreams.  Or, more specifically, someone to help with dream interpretation.

My mother, June O’Brien recently retired from the working community where she worked with and ran drug and alcohol treatment centers; also conducting reviews and studies for others around the world.  A tremendously intelligent and wise woman – no bias here:)  Along her journey, she became very immersed and knowledgeable with dreams and dream interpretation.  There are those, including local tribal leaders and medicine men, who seek her out to talk about their dreams.

My point is, yes, there is one, that she has started to do dream interpretations online for others.  If you find yourself interested, you should head over to her site and check it out:


I wish everyone a very happy day and hope that your dreams come true!