My first foray outside of my comfort zone with regards to writing is now live.  It’s the first book of a planned two-book series and details an apocalypse loosely based on the Book of Revelation.  Or, it’s better to say that there are elements of that in the book.  I’ve had the idea in mind for some years now, but the actual story idea slammed into me one night while lying in bed staring at the ceiling with ideas that wouldn’t cease – in other words, my usual night.  I had a vision, if you will, of a fantasy character being able to summon a shining sword of light and fighting evil.  That quickly transformed into the archangel Michael and the story in my head took off.  I was at the keyboard the following day and the story began to evolve into the tale in the pages.  I had so much research to do and it was a difficult process of formulating parts of Revelation into an actual story.  At any rate, the first part of the story is available in electronic format.  I’ll be putting together the paperback here soon and will eventually get around to the audio format.

I hope your day is going well and look forward to hearing how you like the story.