So, I took a little time off during the holidays and it’s taken me a little to get started back up.  However, I did start back up on a limited basis a little while ago.  Part of the reason is that I came to a point in the second book of Lifting the Veil where I had to make a choice that would be the ultimate direction of the series.  When I first envisioned the story, it was to be a two-book set.  I was going to do something a little different and have a higher level look at events, with Michael as my main character.  That began to change part way through the second book as I could go one of two ways – to continue as planned, or extend the story to include more of a view with the characters introduced during the first book.  I felt, as this was to be a completely different story than I’m used to writing, that to shortcut anything would be to short-change the story and thus the readers.  But, to change directions in mid-story is not the easiest thing to do, so I had to carefully ponder how such an extended story might look and could it be done with what I wrote in the first book.  This series is difficult enough to write, although fun, as each piece has to fit in so tightly.  So, my daily word count hasn’t been what it should be.  But, I am now looking at three books in this story, which means that Red Team may have to be put off for another book.  However, I have felt those characters calling to me and had a complete scene of Red Team envisioned during one of my many sleepless nights.  So, not to fear, Jack and the others will return and I may have to fit them in between book two and three of Lifting the Veil. We’ll see.

Now, with that said, I reached the halfway mark through book two of Lifting the Veil, which I’ll now have to rename.  I’m thinking Lifting the Veil: Arrival.  The cover has been completed, but I’ll have to change the title.  I can’t wait to reveal this cover.  Dean has once again done his magic and put up with my nitpicking.

On another note, the audio book of Red Team: Strigoi should be coming out here in a couple of days.  I’ll begin the audio production of Lifting the Veil: Fallen in the next week or so.  I’ve slowly been catching up with the audio books and Fallen is the only one remaining.  ASW 4 is still with Mark, but should be ready to begin the editing process here soon.

I want to thank you for all of your support and hope you have an awesome upcoming weekend!