So, I lied.  In the last post, I said that I was going to concentrate on a stand-alone book that I was a quarter of the way finished with.  I spent a day writing on that one afterward, but it just didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t get into the flow of the story.  The reason, I still had the ARES Virus story strong in my mind.  So, I saved that one and opened a fresh document.  I can’t tell you how daunting it is to stare at a the utter blankness of the “paper,” knowing that there are nearly 100,000 words that will need to be typed.  The number of words aside, there’s a story that needs to be formulated and put into sequence, all the while making sure that all of the parts fit.  Well, the story began flowing from the outset, letting me know that the correct decision was made.  Last night, I closed on the quarter mark on the third book of ARES Virus.  At the moment, I’m planning in titling this one ARES Virus: Phoenix Rising.

What about the second book, you ask?  It is still at the editors and should be back in my hands by the end of next week.  Then, a few more eyes to look at it.  I also had a good friend who is a high-ranking member of the Navy take a look at the naval operations.  I have a few things to change with regards to that part of the story, and then I hit the publish button.  So, two weeks…hopefully.  Within the next couple of days, I’ll be posting a cover reveal on Facebook.  I have to say that Dean Samed has done his magic once again with this one.

Well, that’s about it for the time being.  ARES Virus: White Horse in about two weeks, then ARES Virus: Phoenix Rising perhaps around Christmas time – no promises.  I hope you are having a fantastic week!