Well, I hit the publish button on the second book of ARES Virus this morning and it’s live as of 5:00 pm Pacific.  As I mentioned earlier, it was an interesting book to write.  I tried to keep the plot moving and interesting, all the while getting people to where they needed to be for the third book.  The story was originally meant to finish a short story I wrote, but one book turned to two, and now three.  I don’t see a fourth one as everyone dies at the end of the third one.  Wait, I shouldn’t have put that in.  Forget what you just read, everyone is fine.  Whew!  Covered that one well.  So, I think the third one will finish the story, and I’m about half way through writing the draft of that one.

At any rate, I hope that you enjoy the second act of the ARES Virus.  When you finish it, would you please head back and drop a review.  I truly appreciate each and every one, and I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening.