Well, the nice weather the past few days have not been very conducive to writing.  I ended up spending a sleepless night with other books to write running through my head.  I have to hold onto those and concentrate on the one in front of me.  I’ll be writing more on that one tonight.

The sales on the first one are not all that impressive but, it’s not really about the sales and money per se, it’s more about the writing and getting the story down.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to sell a ton but more so on people reading my story as opposed to the money.  Obviously it’s not the entire case or it would be out there for free.

I have Jack a third of the way back from his trek half way across the world.  He’s a bit tired but about to launch on another leg of the trip with one additional stop on the way.  More information to gather before he begins the final leg.

The writing is taking on a different mind as there is one part I want to get to but so much has to happen prior to getting there.  I also find my mind venturing to stories and events that are in the next book in the series.  There is a slight impatience that goes along with that and I have to keep focused on the current moment in the book.

Enjoy your day all and happy reading!