Had a good day of writing yesterday.  I ended up writing quite a ways into the evening as the creative juices were flowing.  Funny how that creativity seems to flow in the evenings better.  It’s almost like the story takes off on its own in moments like that.  Like the story is writing itself and I am merely the conduit.  I am just as interested in the outcome as the reader.  And, you would think as the writer, I would be in charge.  I do find myself having to wind guide the story back to the plot line or character development at times as I look at it and wonder where I went.  All in all, a good day and made it quite a ways through a place where I was stuck.  Funny how you can write for hours and find your characters in the exact same spot as they were when you started.  I sometime wonder what the heck I wrote if they’re still there.

Well, the sun is out and I am off to play!  There will be some writing today but it may be one of those with the laptop out side in the sun.  This is one of those rare days to be taken advantage of.

A happy day to all and I hope your day is filled with enjoyment!