I have finished the first book in a series that has been going through my mind for the past several years and finally published it.  It is about what I would actually do in the event of some world-ending event – or at least a mankind ending event.  It is out on Amazon, Lulu, and Smashwords.  Soon to be followed at Borders, Sony, iBookstore and Barnes and Noble.

I am about a quarter of the way through writing the second in the series – although almost the entire series is written in my mind.  Maybe I should just drill a hole – another one that is – in my head and let it just fall onto the paper.  I sure wish it worked that way.

The story itself is a survival horror story written in the first person as if I was actually living through it.  A virus, or actually, the antidote kills off a majority of the population and genetically altered another large percentage into a ferocious new species.  I have tried to keep things within my means of actually accomplishing.

This first book is about the first few days of the world-ending event; rescuing the kids and the journey to rescue a girlfriend.  The second will be about the return trip.  I am going to try and not give any spoilers out here.

The web site itself will deal primarily with the book but will also include posts of day to day thoughts.  Most of those thoughts center around quantum physics and the reality around us.

I hope you stay tuned and please feel free to leave comments and such.  I hope this day finds you well!