I am starting to work on the second book in the “A New World” series today.  I left it about 10,000 words in after finishing the last book to polish up the first book and get it published.  That took a little longer than anticipated but now I’m eager to get back to it.  The thoughts of this next book and the ones after in the series have started rolling through my head again.  I finally slept the entire night through – the first in a long while – and so the energy is high.  I am actually surprised I’m not glowing.

I was just contacted by another publisher asking for the manuscript to review and so there is still some stuff to do on the first book today before I get started.  Plus the tons of laundry generated from the airsoft event this weekend.  I am still quite sore from that but a great time was had by all.

There is also a Jeep battery to take care of.  Okay, I’m off to get started and wish everyone a very happy and pleasant day.