Red Team: Lycan release

Well, the second book in the Red Team series was released on 9 July and is available in eBook form on most of the sites.  I am beginning the process for the narration.  That usually takes around 6 weeks to complete depending upon Mark Gagliardi’s schedule.  I truly hope you enjoy the continuation of the story.  If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to post reviews for the previous books, I would greatly appreciate it.  I wish you a great week and thank you for all of your support.


The State of Writing

The nicer weather has hit which has caused my feet to venture outdoors. There was a lot of yard work to do this year which has now slowed to an extent.  With that, I’m back at the keyboard although my gaze does venture out far too often.  With that said, the second book of Red Team, Red Team: Lycan, has been returned from the editor and is now in the final editing process.  So, I’m hoping for a tentative release date in mid-July.

Mark Tufo returned the final portion of ASW5.  I have to read through it and we’ll probably have to make a few changes.  But, it’s about ready to head off to the editor.  That will take a month or so and then the final editing.  I don’t have a release date for that one as yet because we release the audio in conjunction with the electronic version.

On a final note, the audiobook of Lifting the Veil: Risen is nearly finished and should be ready for publication in the next few days.  Audible usually takes a couple of weeks for their quality review checks.  So that should be ready at about the same time as Red Team: Lycan. That’s about it for an update, so look for the new books in the near future. I’ll post updates on Facebook and here.

If you find the time, would you mind dropping off a review for the books.  I want to thank you for your support!


Lifting the Veil: Risen Live

Lifting the Veil: Risen went live today and the eBook should be available on all online sites.  It’s the fourth and concluding chapter in the Lifting the Veil saga.

Following their emergence into a foreign and hostile land, survivors strive to cross the barren country, many intercepted by the darkness which has thundered out of the gates. Those who make it arrive either at the budding city striving to erect their once great nation or to the protected lands in the north.

Those in the valley are struck by the demonic riders which now roam the land. Will they survive this assault into their lands? Will they be able to halt the deadly invasions?

Those captured are taken to the gates of hell which have opened up, there to fuel the fires. Lucifer plans on opening the final gate, giving him the power to break through heaven’s gate. Alone on Earth while his brothers and sisters fight at their very gates, can Michael do anything to alter the outcome? And, what is it that Elohim has planned?

I hope you enjoy the conclusion and I truly appreciate all of your support!


New Things

Well, I’m thinking it’s that time again to give an update.  It’s been a while with such a busy opening to 2019.  It started with my little girl Tilly, 3-year old Rottie, coming down with MMM.  That whole ordeal pretty much took January to deal with.  She’s now on meds and doing so much better. Dealing with that cut down on my writing to a large extent and I’m really only now getting back into it.  It’s been difficult to pick back up as there’s a lot of energy that goes into the books. It’s an exhausting and exciting process as I immerse myself into the stories.

But, enough of that.  Right now, I’m going through the edits of Lifting the Veil:Risen and should be finished with those here today.  Then, the book will go through one more editing session and then I’ll hit that magic button to put it on pre-order.  I don’t have an exact date as yet, but I imagine it being available to pre-order within the week with a deliver date the following week.  So, with that, Lifting the Veil will come to a conclusion.  It’s been a fun book to write, but with many accompanying moments of keyboard face-smashing.  In all, I would say that I’m pleased with the series, which is kind of a new feeling.  I hope you enjoy the concluding part when it become available.

Lifting the Veil: Emergence audio book has been completed and is going through Audible’s quality control process.  That normally takes about a week to finish, so Emergence should be out sometime around March 14.  Mark Gagliardi did another amazing job.

The fifth book of A Shrouded World is back in Mark’s hands and I’m looking forward to seeing what he wrote.  This is another fun series to write as Mike and Jack play off each other well.  And Trip, well, he’s Trip.  Oh, I nearly signed off without mentioning that I’m also one-third of the way through another Red Team book.  Once Lifting the Veil: Risen is out of the door, I’ll be getting back to it.

I hope everyone’s day is treating them well,


Is It Already February?

2019 arrived and sped right through January. On the heels of the new year, my little angel Tilly fell very ill. It took a month of near continuous vet visits to finally get her stabilized and on the the way to recovery, which is where we’re currently sitting. In the course of that time, I wasn’t able to write very much. However, I was able to make some progress and just sent off book 5 of A Shrouded World to Mark Tufo.  At this time, we’re about 1/4 of the way through the rough draft. I don’t have a timeline for when this one will be ready to publish, but we’re making headway on it.

In other news, the editor has begun working on the 4th and concluding book in the Lifting the Veil series, Lifting the Veil: Risen.  That one should be back in my hands at the end of February where it will go through a final review status with the expectation of publishing sometime in the middle of March.  Along those lines, the audiobook of Lifting the Veil: Emergence should be finished sometime around the end of the month.  So, there are a couple of books heading your way.

Next on the agenda is to start back into writing on the Red Team series.  I’ll be concentrating on that one and A Shrouded World throughout the rest of this year.  I know, I know, there has been some who have been wanting more on A New World, but I have yet to decide on a direction for that one.  I won’t give spoilers, but one of the ideas for that requires a certain timing, so I’m going to hold off on an 11th book for now…sorry about that.

I hope you’ve seen prosperity with this new year and thank you for all of your tremendous support!  Be kind to one another.


Lifting the Veil: Emergence is Live!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019.  I hope that this year proves a prosperous one for everyone.

The third book of Lifting the Veil has been released and should be available in all online stores.

The nuclear winter has ended. Survivors cautiously begin to peek out of their underground shelters, each having endured their separate trials. They emerge into a foreign land wiped bare from the ferocious storms and glaciers. The landscape is barren with barely any sign of life. How will they fare in the new land with supplies running low?

Many find signs directing them to a land prepared, but the journey over inhospitable terrain is daunting. Most of the survivors, in groups great and small, find themselves pulled either to the west or to the northwest. Searching for supplies, Frank and Marie encounter something dark, eventually meeting up with a mysterious stranger.

In the protected valley, life begins anew. Two groups have fragmented the peaceful valley, each certain they are right in their beliefs. The barrier still stands, holding off the harsh weather, but for how long?

Keegan, believing himself the new messiah, gathers his people to him and begins his march to the east. Unknown to any of the forming groups, something dark has begun gathering at the gates, thundering forth into an unprepared land.

The fourth and final book in the series, Lifting the Veil: Risen, has also been completed and is currently with the editor.  I expect that one back in about a month or so.  I’ll be starting on the audiobook for Emergence here shortly and that one should be available in about 5 weeks.  I don’t really have much more to report as I’m just getting back into writing following the holidays.  My first foray will be on the 5th book of A Shrouded World with Mark Tufo and also to begin another Red Team adventure.

I wish you a very happy new year!


Lifting the Veil: Emergence available for pre-order

Well, I finished the final read through and hit the button.  The third chapter in Lifting the Veil is now available for pre-order with a delivery date set for January 2, 2019.  The fourth and final book in the series has been completed in rough draft form and is currently at the editor.  I expect to have that one back in about 6 weeks, putting an approximate publication sometime in March.

This series has pretty much consumed the better part of this year, along with finishing A Shrouded World: Valhalla.  I’ve started on book 6 of A Shrouded World, but honestly haven’t written much in that one.  Once the new year rolls around, I’ll put a few more words in that one.  I also began reading through Red Team: Strigoi in order to get back into the flow of that series.  Aside from A Shrouded World, I’ll most likely be dedicating 2019 on Red Team.  Lynn, Greg, McCafferty, Gonzalez, Henderson, Denton, and of course Jack, have been idle for far too long.  The Organization is ready to take on another challenge.

Thanks again for all of your support and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.


2018 is nearing an end

Well, my fingers are sore as I’ve been grinding away at the keyboard day in and day out.  Lifting the Veil: Emergence, the third book in the series is currently at the editor and I just flew past the 2/3 mark with Lifting the Veil: Risen.  That one is the fourth and final book in the series.  The writing is currently flowing as I have the rest of the book figured out and now it’s just a matter of putting those ideas into words. I’m hoping to finish the draft of Risen in the next week and a half or two.  Then, it will go into the first round of editing, probably getting it back before Emergence returns from the editor.  So, with regards to any kind of timeline, I’m hoping to have Emergence ready to publish in the middle of December with Risen being ready toward the end of the year or very early in 2019.

The cover for Emergence has been completed with the exception of the back blurb and it’s a winner.  I’ll be doing a cover reveal on Facebook when I receive the book back from the editor and before it goes into a third round of editing.  So, expect that in about 2-3 weeks.  Finishing the Lifting the Veil series will probably round out the rest of the year, with me possibly starting on the next Red Team book sometime in December.  I also spoke with Mark Tufo and we are tossing ideas about the 5th book in A Shrouded World.  So, expect that to be in the works pretty soon.  We’re hoping to have something out in the first or second quarter of 2019.

That’s really about it.  If I don’t happen to speak with you before, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.  And. as always, thank you so much for all of your support!