Well, the third book of the series is available in electronic and paperback versions.  I started the narration process for an Audible release, which should be ready toward the latter part of May.  The storyline for this series has run away from me again.  The original plan was for the tale to be concluded in three books.  Three books in and I’m nowhere near completing the story.  At this point, I don’t know exactly how many it will take to complete the series, but I’m thinking I can possibly finish in five.  However, I’ve said something similar in the past and I’ve been wrong nearly every time.  Once I begin immersing myself in the writing, ideas just keep coming.  However much I think I’m in charge of the story, I come to believe that the story is in charge of me.  I merely put down the words that flow through me, and when I come up for air, I notice that I’m not as far along as I’d planned.  But, I suppose that’s a good thing.  It keep the Ramen on the table.

A case in point is the next book.  I’m nearly three-quarters of the way through writing it and very few story days have passed.  There’s so much yet to tell and I’ll most likely be spending the rest of this year on the Tipping Point series.  Hanging over my head is still the Red Team story and I want to get back to A New World to continue that tale.  Crowding my limited brain space are more military thriller stories that I’d like to write.  But, to talk about those would be getting ahead of myself.  I’m not sure which direction I’ll take when I finish with this series.  More than likely, that will be determined when I sit down, ready to continue an old adventure or take up a new one.

I want to seriously thank you for the support you’ve given my writing over the years.  I’m still in awe that it has become what it has, and there’s no way I can thank you enough.  I hope 2022 is treating you well and stay safe.