As the title indicates, the fourth book in the Tipping Point series, Tipping Point: Penghu has been released in its audiobook format. It took a little longer than expected, and promised, but Mark Gagliardi did another exceptional job. At least in my opinion. I hope you enjoy this next iteration.


As for the fifth book, I am nearing the end of the rough draft. I’m expecting it to be ready for publication sometime in the early part of February, although that’s subject to change. I have no idea how many books it will take to complete the story, but there will a sixth one for sure.

I want to thank you again for all of the support you’ve given over the years. I’m not sure where I’ll head once this series has been completed, but I have a fantasy genre story that has been rattling around in my mind since summer. For those waiting for the next Red Team, that hasn’t been forgotten. I hope that this year brings peace and fortune into your life!