It’s summer and with the sun out here in the Northwest, it’s been time to get out before the gray sets back in. I’ve been doing some here and there at the keyboard, but my time has mostly been spent with yard improvements. Retaining walls have been built, land leveled, raised beds constructed, and dirt moved…a lot of dirt. I’m pretty sure that the Earth has changed its rotational spin with the amount of dirt brought in. If you’ve felt that wobble, I apologize. But, that work is nearly completed and it’s time to get back to putting Ramen back on the table.

A Shrouded World: Valhalla, the fourth book in the series, is at the publisher and should be available soon. “Should” is the key word to focus on here. That series is released in all versions at once, so it takes time to compile everything and have the narration for the audio books completed.

I have nearly finished the editing for the second book in the Lifting the Veil series, Lifting the Veil: Winter. This books will take you into the lives of the survivors as they wait out the years until they can again emerge from their shelters. I will say right off that it doesn’t have a ton of action or heart-pounding moments. It’s time to set that bar low. This is the pause before things get really interesting. You can see the storm clouds rising on the horizon and feel the ozone start to build. But first, we have to get to that point and make sure all of the duckies are in a row. The cover is almost complete and I will share that when I get it into my greedy mitts. I anticipate a release before the end of the month, perhaps sooner.

Once I have Winter released, I’ll continue with the scant parts I’ve written on the concluding book. That one is going to be interesting to write, but I’m looking forward to it. I have a ton of ideas and we’ll see which ones make it into the story. Following the finish of this series, it will be time to dive back into Jack and the rest of Red Team.

I have a thought sitting in the recesses of my brain to develop an action/adventure series of books involving Red Team, different from the current series. This one won’t involve monsters, but instead as a special ops unit taking on various assignments. I’m not sure about this one as yet, but there’s a tickling of ideas emerging.

So, that’s about it for now. Enjoy the rest of your summer!