Tipping Point: InvasionThe 8th book in the Tipping Point series is now available for pre-order with a June 7, 2024 download. At the moment, this is only for the eBook version. Mark G has started narration for the audiobook which should be available sometime toward the end of June. Sorry for the delay in getting that version out.

The United States had launched a massive missile launch against China’s two invasion fleets sailing for Taiwan. B-2 bombers had flown across the Pacific and submarines had risked giving away their positions to add to the onslaught of anti-ship weapons fired by task force destroyers and B-2s flying out from Guam.

China had sustained extensive casualties among its escorting warships and landing ships, but they had endured the crossing of the Taiwan Strait. Even as Taiwan unleashed barrages of anti-ship missiles, the two invasion fleets sailed around the northern and southern ends of the island nation.

Now positioned off the eastern Taiwanese coast, the Chinese armadas are poised to strike into the heart of the republic. With Taiwan and the United States’ intelligence services taken aback by China’s decision to attack in the east, Taiwan has to rapidly deploy its defensive forces from the west. Will they arrive and be in position in time? Or will China be able to secure footholds on the island?

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I truly hope you enjoy this next iteration of the ongoing story and thank you so much for all of the support you’ve shown.