The nicer weather has hit which has caused my feet to venture outdoors. There was a lot of yard work to do this year which has now slowed to an extent.  With that, I’m back at the keyboard although my gaze does venture out far too often.  With that said, the second book of Red Team, Red Team: Lycan, has been returned from the editor and is now in the final editing process.  So, I’m hoping for a tentative release date in mid-July.

Mark Tufo returned the final portion of ASW5.  I have to read through it and we’ll probably have to make a few changes.  But, it’s about ready to head off to the editor.  That will take a month or so and then the final editing.  I don’t have a release date for that one as yet because we release the audio in conjunction with the electronic version.

On a final note, the audiobook of Lifting the Veil: Risen is nearly finished and should be ready for publication in the next few days.  Audible usually takes a couple of weeks for their quality review checks.  So that should be ready at about the same time as Red Team: Lycan. That’s about it for an update, so look for the new books in the near future. I’ll post updates on Facebook and here.

If you find the time, would you mind dropping off a review for the books.  I want to thank you for your support!