I thought I might have reached a burn out stage by now withe the second book, A New World: Return.  I began this writing binge on Monday with 20,000 words into the story and finished last night with a little over 41,000 surprising me with how easy the story is flowing now considering the block I felt before.  Perhaps it’s just that I didn’t want to.

Writing is such a funny thing and very much akin to reading in my humble opinion. – yes, I do have humble opinions.  The story changes, evolves and twists as I’m writing it just as it would for a reader.  A thought will come to mind as I’m typing and it’s down on “paper” before I know it, complete with its own little story line and everything.  Then, I come to a stop thinking about how I’m now going to have to incorporate that into the entire story.  Or the character will do something I didn’t expect or intend and I will have to allow for that.  See, I treat the book and story like a living. breathing thing.  Alive.  And so am hesitant to go back and change something or rewrite it.  I have only done that once and it was for a minor aspect.  The story flows through me.

For instance and a small one as I don’t want to give and of the story away.  Jack and the group were moving along a road, alert and ready for anything.  I thoughts, well lived the moment to analyze the surroundings to describe them.  I then thought about seeing a dog as part of the scenery, then that morphed into the dog trailing us as I typed along.  The thought of befriending the dog came to mind and a side story line developed along those lines; my mind seeing and my fingers typing.  the story just flowing through.

Well, obviously I have had a lot of caffeine and rambling on now.  Time to get to the book.  I hope everyone has a tremendous day today and it treats them well!