Red Team: Cartel Part Two is the fourth book in the series and was released on 11 December, 2020.  The audiobook process has begun but I don’t have a publication date as yet.  Look for it toward the middle to end of January, 2021.

Red Team continues their search for the two kidnapped DEA agents, systematically attempting to dismantle the cartel responsible. The agent’s location remains elusive, but Red Team continues the fight to force their release. The cartel digs in, but will they be able to halt the Red Team incursions?

While heading to a cartel location hidden in the mountains, Red Team runs into Strigoi of a different nature. The subsequent fight forces the team away and leaves Jack bleeding in the dirt with death hovering nearby. Will the team be able to extricate him in time?

I hope you enjoy the continuation of the series and that you’re having a wonderful end of 2020.  May you all have a wonderful holiday season!