The third book in the Red Team series, Red Team: Cartel Part One, has been released. It’s a continuation of the Red Team story which is an alternate timeline for the characters set in A New World.  The original thought was for the team to combat monsters so they didn’t enter the boundary of everyday lives.  That still holds true, but the tale has diverged to a degree.  In this, several smaller story arcs have materialized in the world that require Red Team’s attention.  These don’t exactly pertain to chasing down creatures, but the characters wanted them included.  So, this third book and the next one are partially dedicated to these story threads.  Sorry about them not being entirely focused on monsters.  But, there is a method to my madness and the team will get neck deep in them again. Not to give out spoilers, but this whole thing is leading down a slippery path, with clues here and there in the books which might allude to something more drastic occurring.

At the moment, the eBook is the only version out with the print book coming very soon.  For you audiophiles, it became a little delayed as Mark Gagliardi was busy with his acting career.  But, he’s on a break and currently narrating.  I expect for him to be finished toward the end of January for a mid-February release date.  Stay tuned for that.

In other news, A Shrouded World: Asabron, the fifth book in that series, was released on 24 December, 2019 in all versions.  The sixth book, A Shrouded World: Bitfrost, is completed and is out on pre-order for a 17 March, 2020 release date.  The seventh book, A Shrouded World: Hvelgermir, is half way finished – I just received it back from Mark Tufo – and is also available for pre-order.

That’s about it for news.  I hope you enjoy the new Red Team and that your New Year is starting off well.  Please leave a review if you’ve finished any of the books.  They’re important, not so much for the rankings, but so that I can grow as an author as well.

Kindle: Red Team: Cartel Part One
Kindle: A Shrouded World: Asabron