Haven’t posted here is a little while and my apologies for that.  I have been immersing myself in the writing of the third book “A New World: Sanctuary.”  Had a more difficult time organizing and progressing with this one, mainly due to the expansion of the characters and events.  Jack and the merry band of survivors have arrived back and are in the process of setting up shop – finding and building a haven from the night runners.  Hit the 40,000 word mark last night meaning the draft is almost half way there.  I hope to hit that point sometime today – we’ll see how far I get with that goal.

I am looking to have the draft finished and the editing to begin by the end of the month.  That may be pushing it but the story has started to flow somewhat.  Today, another rescue attempt.

I just want to give a hearty thank you for all of the nice messages, reviews, and for those that have made the series so successful so far – far beyond my wildest dreams or any expectations I had.  Thank you!!!!  You truly rock!


4 thoughts on “Progress – Slow but progress nonetheless!

  1. Keep on trucking at your own pace. Know that we are still here whenever it is finished. I see what you mean about the satellite though, that would be a tragedy. Good Luck!

  2. Your goal to finish by the end of the month is laudable but we don’t want you to burn out your brain now. You got a lot more books to write after this one is done. I’m not sure the AF has any health bennies for a burned out writers brain.

    1. Not to worry Dan. I don’t think my brain can be burned out any more than it already is. There will be plenty of books following and the future books and story line keep playing in my head so there is a need/want to get them out. Plus, you never know when a satellite is going to fall on your head so I want to get out as many as I can before my ability to dodge space junk fails.

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