Well, I’m thinking it’s that time again to give an update.  It’s been a while with such a busy opening to 2019.  It started with my little girl Tilly, 3-year old Rottie, coming down with MMM.  That whole ordeal pretty much took January to deal with.  She’s now on meds and doing so much better. Dealing with that cut down on my writing to a large extent and I’m really only now getting back into it.  It’s been difficult to pick back up as there’s a lot of energy that goes into the books. It’s an exhausting and exciting process as I immerse myself into the stories.

But, enough of that.  Right now, I’m going through the edits of Lifting the Veil:Risen and should be finished with those here today.  Then, the book will go through one more editing session and then I’ll hit that magic button to put it on pre-order.  I don’t have an exact date as yet, but I imagine it being available to pre-order within the week with a deliver date the following week.  So, with that, Lifting the Veil will come to a conclusion.  It’s been a fun book to write, but with many accompanying moments of keyboard face-smashing.  In all, I would say that I’m pleased with the series, which is kind of a new feeling.  I hope you enjoy the concluding part when it become available.

Lifting the Veil: Emergence audio book has been completed and is going through Audible’s quality control process.  That normally takes about a week to finish, so Emergence should be out sometime around March 14.  Mark Gagliardi did another amazing job.

The fifth book of A Shrouded World is back in Mark’s hands and I’m looking forward to seeing what he wrote.  This is another fun series to write as Mike and Jack play off each other well.  And Trip, well, he’s Trip.  Oh, I nearly signed off without mentioning that I’m also one-third of the way through another Red Team book.  Once Lifting the Veil: Risen is out of the door, I’ll be getting back to it.

I hope everyone’s day is treating them well,