Lifting the Veil: Risen went live today and the eBook should be available on all online sites.  It’s the fourth and concluding chapter in the Lifting the Veil saga.

Following their emergence into a foreign and hostile land, survivors strive to cross the barren country, many intercepted by the darkness which has thundered out of the gates. Those who make it arrive either at the budding city striving to erect their once great nation or to the protected lands in the north.

Those in the valley are struck by the demonic riders which now roam the land. Will they survive this assault into their lands? Will they be able to halt the deadly invasions?

Those captured are taken to the gates of hell which have opened up, there to fuel the fires. Lucifer plans on opening the final gate, giving him the power to break through heaven’s gate. Alone on Earth while his brothers and sisters fight at their very gates, can Michael do anything to alter the outcome? And, what is it that Elohim has planned?

I hope you enjoy the conclusion and I truly appreciate all of your support!