Well, made it to the two-thirds point yesterday evening.  The frenzy of words flying across the screen has slowed down somewhat.  I am coming up on having to plot the next series and not really wanting to as there is a tremendous amount of information to impart and not quite sure of the format I present it with.  Once I do get it down, the words should flow once again until the ending of this part in the series.  I am still on track to finish the rough draft by the end of the month which is a surprise to me.  I would like to get the finished book out by the middle of September.

I spent the morning updating the product description for the first book in the series – A New World: Chaos – on Amazon and Smashwords as well as updating this web site.  Writing shall commence shortly but I think I will find a nice coffee house to hole up in for the day with the laptop.  Or maybe I will just leave the laptop there and the story will can write itself.  Maybe not as I do like seeing the story come together but am very much looking forward to the rewrite, meaning, the draft will be done.

Okay, the caffeine has had no effect this morning and strongly suspecting that my coffee beans have been secretly replaced with decaf.  So not cool!  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!  I’m off do to that writing thing.