I apologize for the severe lack of posts and updates.  I put everything I had into the ten books of A New World, having enough left to co-author the two books of A Shrouded World with Mark Tufo.  After I wrote the last word, placed the last period, I was drained and needed time to recuperate.  That took longer than I anticipated.  I tried writing on a couple of books, but those just kind of faded away.  I felt like I was merely rewriting the same scenes over and over.  The ideas rattling around my limited brain space never ceased, I just wasn’t able to put them on paper.

Feeling much more energized, I strapped myself into a chair and began pecking away at the keys.  At first, it was a difficult process, but it became easier the farther into the story I went.  Then, the flow began until I stared at the paper and said, “Wow, I’m done.”  The current story that I’m working on was supposed to be a stand-alone book, but the tale escalated and I decided to make two books out of it.  The first book, ARES Virus: Arctic Storm, is in the last stage of the first round edits.  That should be finished tomorrow and the book sent off to the editor.  After turning those bleeding pages into something readable, and upon approving the cover, I will press the publish button.  I’m hoping that will be toward the end of the month, or the first part of August.

While I’m waiting for the edits to come back, I’ll be writing a short story based on A New World for a popular magazine.  I’m not sure if I can give those details as yet, but I will when I can.  Then, it’s off to finish book two of the ARES Virus, which is already close to being twenty percent complete.  The plan after this mini-series is complete is to visit book eleven of A New World.  No promises, but I would like to write another one in that series.

So, there’s my update and, again, my apologies for my absence and hope everyone is doing well.