Good afternoon all,

I have figured out that I am at best, an errant blogger. I apologize for not keeping the site current or putting out news here in a more timely fashion. The good news, well hopefully it is, is that I’ve started pecking away at the keyboard on the sixth book. There are a little over 8,000 words in the bag and I’ll be devoting a little more time to upping that number. We are having our late summer here so it’s hard to keep glued to the chair. There’s only one reason I’m looking forward to the rains coming, it will more than not keep me at the keyboard. The next book is tentatively named “A New World: Dissension”. I won’t give any spoilers out at this point as, well, I don’t know any. I’m just as interested to see what happens. However, I will say and promise this, I won’t end it with a sub calling.

A tentative date you ask? I’m hoping to have a majority of it completed by the end of the month with a possible release time frame of early November. No promises though. I want to thank each and every one of you that have written and for your encouraging words. It’s so humbling to see your letters and know that the story is being enjoyed. I’m glad the writing can take you into another world for brief moments and relax.

Well, I’ll keep this short as Jack and crew are waiting to see what their next adventure will be. They’re calling for the story to continue. Before I go, I want to thank you for your reviews on each book. Those mean a lot to me. I hope this day finds everyone well!