So, there was little rest involved last night as my mind came alive with the actual ending – or possible ending – for the New World series.  I know the story and have that plotted for the most part but the ending has always eluded me until my mind exploded with ideas just as I was heading off into dreamland.

The problem I was having with the ending is that most stories resolved themselves back to the status quo for a resolution of some kind.  With a post-apocalyptic story, that is difficult to do as there is really never an ending to the story.  The sheer nature of a post-apocalyptic world involves a beginning of something entirely new where the status quo, or at least back to one, is impossible to achieve.  With that said, a possible ending book did materialize and I sat up for a lot of the night plotting out the story line for it.

I won’t give any spoilers and the actual writing of it is a while away.  There is a lot that happens with Jack, his kids, Lynn, and the rest between now and then.  The story must be told.  Hopefully my coffee won’t spill on my notes between now and then.  The third book, A New World: Sanctuary, is coming along slowly.  My goal of having the draft finished by the end of the month may not be achieved but the possibility still exists.  I am working on that story and getting A New World: Chaos ready for print publication as well.  I finished getting A New World: Return ready just today.  Those two book should be out in print by the end of the year but I am striving to complete that before then.

As I have said numerous times before and truly mean it, thank you all for your support in making the series a success beyond my wildest dreams.  I truly hope everyone who has read either one or both of the books have enjoyed it/them.  If you have, I ask that you take a spare moment, if you have one, and write up a review on Amazon.  That would be tremendously appreciated.

Have an awesome Wednesday all!

5 thoughts on “A New World Epiphany!

  1. John, I just learned of your books this past weekend and just finished reading them both today (they were hard to put down and I went though them way too quick :-). Can’t wait for the next installment by Kindle!

    1. Hi Scott. I am glad that you enjoyed them. Makes my day to know that others are liking the story and to hear about it. The third will hopefully be out before too long. Oh, and if you find the time and wouldn’t mind, could you leave a review for both on Amazon. Thanks again Scott and I hope you have a great day!

  2. Are you sure you’ve never been bitten? As you drift off into never-never land you then have an Epiphany? Was it like seeing your life flash before you eyes and now you know how it all ends? Didn’t you say you were a salesman in the AF? You must have learned how to build suspense and anticipation to increase sales somewhere? LOL

    1. It was first just a single little thought and then others kept coming until the ending and an entire book was formed. Yeah, an AF salesman 🙂 Say, I am forming a review group for the subsequent books. The would get advance copies of the next book to review for ideas and obvious errors. Would you like to participate? Oh, and I’m not sure if you purchased them on kindle or not but, if you did and have the time, would you mind leaving a review of each book on Amazon if you have the chance. Much appreciated Dan. I hope you have a great evening!

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