I am in the final stages of finishing book 2 in the ARES Virus series, titled ARES Virus: White Horse.  My hope is to complete the second part of the story by the end of the weekend, if not before.  As with seemingly every book, the story has run away from me, so it looks like this will be a three book series instead of the two books I originally envisioned.  Also, some of the characters I thought would be just place card holders have, in fact, become major characters.  I’m not exactly sure when the book will be ready for publication, but it should be sometime around the middle of October.

It seems like the purpose of every book 2 that I’ve read in a series was a setup for the finale.  I really tried to escape this format for this series, trying to wrap up the story in two books.  In that, I failed epically on both accounts.  If I was to wrap up the story in two books, I feel like I would short changing the story.  In some instances, I wrote myself into a corner and had to sit and think for long periods of time how to get around what was written.  I had to stay with my motto of, once it’s down on paper, it stays.  That’s one of the things that makes telling a story both fun and exasperating.  There were times that I slammed my head on the keyboard and contemplated giving up.  I hung my head there thinking that it was impossible to continue.  But, here we are, nearing the end of part two.

Dean Samed has already finished the cover for White Horse and I’ll be doing a cover reveal sometime within the next couple of weeks.  He’s a magician and has a myriad of other projects.  I truly appreciate that he’s still willing to do the covers.

I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support I’ve received over the years.  There is no way I can thank you enough.  It’s time to head over and see what the characters are up to.  I hope you enjoy your day!