Danger lurks in the shadows

A place where the brave tread warily


A New World III - FB OptimizedJack Walker has returned from the rescue of his girlfriend with a small band of survivors.  Their harrowing journey from the Middle East included a stop at the CDC where they learned vital information about the ferocious new species that hunt at night.  The night runners dominate the landscape and a world turned upside down by the sudden death of billions.

With humanity on the brink, the small group must carve out a sanctuary against the nightly onslaught from night runners on the prowl for food.  They must enter into darkened buildings in search of supplies; darkened buildings that are now the domain of the night runners.  Danger lurks with each step and death lies in waiting for the unwary.  Jack and the group must stay one step ahead of the game; a game where the night runners continue to adapt to this new world.  Will his training and instincts be enough?  Will this last remnant of humanity make it through this next phase of survival?

The shadows await…

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