Well, the draft and first lengthy edit is complete.  I am sending out the draft to the editing group tomorrow to get their take on it.  Then it’s just a few more quick run-through’s and the fourth book will be out.  Tomorrow will encompass writing the back cover description and coming up with a catchy tagline.  The cover still has to be designed but SM Reine is working her magic on that one.  I am hoping to have a publication date set shortly and looking to have it out within the next couple of weeks.  We’ll see how that pans out.  I wanted to have the draft and editing finished by now but my fingers would only operate at their own speed.

Seeing the story that was supposed to be told in this book didn’t seem to make it in, I will be starting on the next right away as the story is still fresh in my mind.  Yes, I’m throwing a small spoiler out.  I’m only the conduit for the story to be told through and this one took off on a tangent I hadn’t imagined.  What was only supposed to be a small part of the book ended up being most of it but I’m pleased with the result and hoping everyone else will be as well.

Okay, my mind is fried but I wanted to get this out.  I hope everyone’s evening was a pleasant one and I’m off to silence the incessant calling of my pillows.  Have a fun and enjoyable day wherever you may find yourself!



9 thoughts on “A New World: Taken

  1. I’ve become a great fan of the series and you as an author over the last week. With a couple of days off and some rainy weather, I’ve read all four books in the series! The Zombie genre is new to me, but I have to think that you have some unique storylines with your background. I especially like the changes in person, or rather perspective and growth of the family unit in the “New World.” Tactics, preparations and details of the HC130 and the Kiowa flights have been very interesting to me. Thanks for not describing rape and othe human atrocities in detail as many end of world type books do.
    Awesome characters, great settings and excellent writing!

    1. Hi George,

      It’s great to meet you. Thank you very much for writing and for your kind words. I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am that you enjoyed the series so far. I’m with you some of the other EOTW books and how they describe the atrocities in far too much detail. For me, it really detracts from the story. I really do appreciate you taking the time to write and share your thoughts. Feel free to send a friend request on Facebook if you’d like – JohnWBObrien. Feel free to message anytime. I hope you are having a wonderful day and week!


  2. I can’t wait for the 5th book I can honestly say this is one of those stories I wish never had an ending and could continue on forever.
    Maybe you could right another story using the same scenario would be an interesting read

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for writing and I’m thrilled to hear you are enjoying the series. There will be a few more books in this series and I do have some ideas for additional series. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review for each book on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it. The fifth book is starting and so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for it to be out. I hope you had a great weekend and your week is an amazing one!


  3. Thanks for the update, I’ve been waiting for the new book to arrive! Glad you decided to let the story flow in the way that it wanted to, that is always the best way to get it out.
    Besides, it kind of guarantees another book, right? Keep ’em coming!

    1. Hi Ed,

      Yes, I rather means another book although I’m thinking there are about three or four left to write before the story is finished. And thank you. I hope your day treats you well!


  4. Yeah, can’t wait. It’s good you don’t force the story line the way you think it should go but instead let it take you where it wants to go.

    1. Hi Dan,

      I’m not sure the story will let me force it. Believe me, I’ve tried 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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